Our Philosophy

Producing delicious grapes with dedication,
devotion And the realization of decent work

Gift that the land of fuefuki gives

Fuefuki City in Yamanashi Prefecture is known to be one of Japan’s most nurturing land for growing fruits. The long hours of sunshine, temperature difference between day and night is optimal, and the fertile land with good drainage provides perfect condition to grow delicious fruits.
In the heart of nurturing land of Fuefuki, Budou-Senshin is producing Grapes.

To deliver deliciousness of “Shun”

Our focuss on producing grapes is to deliver “Shun” which means seasonal deliciousness. The sweetness and aroma unique to the “Shun” are exceptional, and will achieve the highest quality of taste.<>br
To fully bring out the sweetness and aroma that “shun” can nurture into the grapes we dedicate ourselves to perfect the art of growing grapes with the “Unique devotion” to pursue and produce delicious grapes.

Heading to New Zealand in search of “Shun”

The thought of been able to produce and share the Taste that only “Shun” can produce for the whole year had us searching the world, for when it was off season(winter) in Japan. The answer lead us to south hemesphere in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand where we are currently growing grapes in “Japanese Method”.

New Zealand Project

Smile of our customers are our motivation

Growing Grapes involves a lot of Labor-intensive work, but that is because we want to Grow the best grapes for the customers. We want the customers to enjoy the taste of “Shun”, So when we are out in the fields, we devote ourselves to doing the best and imagine the joy the customers has when they eat our grapes. The thought of the joy in the customers faces when they taste our grapes gives us the motivation, energy, dedication, and devotion while we are out in the fields everyday.